Spoiled Dogs Support Page

Nah, this really isn't a support page. Rather, it tells you more than you really need or want to know about our two Italian Greyhounds, Micaela and Dante.

The Italian Greyhound, also called an IG or an "Iggy", is a true genetic Greyhound, its smaller size the product of selective breeding. The IG averages about 10 pounds, but looks larger because of its thin body and long legs. The IG is very fast at short distances (top end speed about 25 m.p.h.), but lacks endurance, being a small dog. This dog also has moves that would make an NFL running back envious, so when Devvie asks me to catch one of the dogs, the task is "Mission Impossible." I am successful only when the dog is laughing so hard at my pitiful efforts that it gets overconfident.

IGs usually are predominately gray (a bluish gray), as their name suggests, but also usually are not just one color, but instead a combination of gray, fawn and white. However, the predominate color sometimes may be fawn (like Dante) or even more rarely white (like Micaela).

The Italian Greyhound got its name from its popularity with Italian noblemen in the Middle Ages, but the breed actually goes back over two thousand years. Legend has it that IGs hung out with the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt (think about pictures in the Bible of the dogs next to the throne). The IG is very loyal ... to the highest bidder. Legend has it that when the Red Sea parted, and then closed on the Egyptian host, their IGs said "we're outta here" and sprinted through the closing sea to the Hebrew side. [OK, this Egyptian stuff is historically inaccurate, but it sure makes a good story] 

Micaela ComfortMicaela was born on April 15, 2002. Her name is Italian for Michelle; I wanted to call her MegaByte but got overruled by Devvie. Micaela quickly made herself at home. Italian Greyhounds are legendary for being luxury loving, preferring soft resting spots since, not having an ounce of fat, they have no natural padding. Since for centuries Italian Greyhounds have been owned by kings, Italian noblemen, and other rich people, this breed is quite used to luxury.

Dante bad

Micaela had the house all to herself for about one year. Then came Dante, who was born on April 15, 2003 (the fact both dogs were born on tax day should tell you they are not cheap). Italian Greyhounds are indoor dogs, but notoriously difficult to "potty train," perhaps because of their independent and stubborn nature. Indeed, Dante's "potty training" did not go well at first, but at least he felt bad about it.


The long and short of itInitially Micaela, being a year older, was the top dog. However, her attempts to become an "only child" failed because Dante, while (then) small, was tough. Actually, Dante, for an IG baby, was built like a small tank. After Micaela realized that her attempts to eliminate Dante would not be successful, they got along, sort of. This was fortunate for Micaela, because baby dogs sometimes grow into big dogs, and indeed, Dante now is considerably larger (and stronger) than Micaela. Dogs getting along  
Dogs getting along

Italian greyhounds love the sun because, not having an ounce of fat, they get cold easily. They also like soft places to rest because, again not having an ounce of fat, they have no natural padding. Finally, they are "gaze hounds", which means that unlike most dogs, these dogs rely a lot on their excellent sight as well as their hearing and smell. Consequently, Italian Greyhounds like to perch on high places, like the dog equivalent of eagles. We live overlooking Laurel Canyon and the Santa Monica mountains, so a soft couch chair bathed in the sun with a wonderful view not surprisingly is one of their favorite spots.